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Rethymnon - Chania
Excursion Description
  • Rethymnon
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    Rethymnon is the third biggest town on Crete, where monuments of the archaeological, Ottoman and Venetian eras coexist in perfect harmony with the comforts of today in an extremely interesting way.

    Have a stroll in the alleys of the old town, visit the Turkish minarets and the Venetian fortresses or just admire the cultural monuments and the magnificent listed buildings.

  • Kournas Lake
    Kournas Lake
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    The beautiful, picturesque lake of Kournas is the sole freshwater lake on the island. It is a natural freshwater biotope that accommodates a great variety of rare aquatic organisms.

    You can walk around the lake, feed the ducks, enjoy the magnificent scenery and complete the idyllic picture having your lunch in one of the small taverns that are situated by the lake.

  • Fodele
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    Fodele is a picturesque hamlet, built in a lush green valley full of orange trees and centuries- old plane trees.

    It is a village of historic significance, since it is believed to have been the birthplace of the painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos, widely known as El Greco. In the settlement of Archontika you can visit the El Greco museum and admire copies of the great painter's works.

  • Chania
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    Chania is probably the most ravishing and quaint city of Crete. It was an important Minoan city and is considered to have been the “mother of all the other Cretan cities” by ancient writers.

    The city is divided in two sections: the Old City, where the gorgeous harbor is situated and the New City, which is located beyond its Venetian fortifications.

    The Old City of Chania is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and it is called “Venice of the East”. Throughout the whole city we can witness samples of all the civilizations that have passed from here: archaeological Minoan sites, Turkish minarets and mosques, Muslim neighborhoods, Venetian fortresses and dockyards, fountains and squares, arches and mansions, the famous Loggia and of course the landmark of the city, the renowned Lighthouse.

    Just outside Chania, we will visit the Venizelos’ family tombs. Both tombs, next to each other, are in a beautiful park with lush vegetation, paved paths, stone benches under the shade of ancient trees, but what gives the place its incredible beauty is the panoramic view to the deep blue of the sea and the whole city of Chania.

  • Bali
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    Yes, it’s true! There is Bali on Crete, too! Bali is a seaside resort, ideal for family and romantic holidays.

    Its name originates from the Turkish word balli which means “honey” and this quaint village will surely “sweeten” you up with its extraordinary natural beauty and its magnificent beaches.

  • Argyroupoli
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    Argyroupoli, a traditional village built at an altitude of 254 meters and the site of the ancient city of Lappa. Roman remains, Venetian buildings and Byzantine churches dominate the region.

    However, the most attractive feature of Argyroupoli is most certainly the famous Springs of Argyroupoli, a place of unparalleled beauty with running waters and a lush green landscape, where Mouselas River has its source. In Argyroupoli, nature is the absolute, undeniable star.

24 July 2024